As per QCI, 5 Easy Steps to open New ITI:

This is a complete flow chart that shows steps to start a New Industrial Training Institute (ITI). Flow chart to Open New ITI. Start New ITI College: Flow Chart

New ITI and Old ITI Consultancy: (ITI site planning)

Services includes online application, website development, tools and machines handling & much more to Start ITI.

Our team supervised by ex officers of National council of vocational training (NCVT), Director General of Employment and Training (DGET). We are the only consultant across India who offers such an extensive service solutions to start ITI College. Hiring us for the services will end your pain to run from post to pillar for every big small detail regarding new ITI College.

We work on the standard which are at par with the DGET Director General of Employment and Training which ensure adherence of norms laid down for starting a ITI College.

We give our finest consultancy services to start new ITI and ITC (now known as ITI) for those who lack experience in starting new ITI College.

Online Application

The biggest challenge in starting an ITI college is online application and scheduling an inspection with QCI and we have expertise in this.

It always advisable that before submitting the online application at Quality Council of India (QCI) your base work should be complete. Director General of Employment and Training (DGET) has appointed QCI for inspection and recommending the approval of New (Industrial Training Institute) ITI.

If you are looking for competitive people in filling online application for you, please feel free to call or mail us.

QCI ITI Tool, Equipment and Machines:

If you are looking to purchase ITI Tools for a new startup or an existing college, our company would like to offer our renowned services. Our prices are guaranteed to be the cheapest.

Some of the important trades have been mentioned along with the common ITI Tools that are used.

TI Tools for Fitter Trade – Calipers, drills and lathe machines.

ITI Tools for Electrician Trade – Screwdrivers, center punches, generators, voltmeters and oscilloscopes.

ITI Tools for Wireman trade – Piers, ratchet, forge, wall jumper (octagonal), ratchet and screw drivers.

ITI tools for Plumber trade – Bench drilling machines, working benches, forge blower, anvil, mandrel and tap and die set.

ITI Welder Tools If you have any queries, please call us on ITI Tools helpline 9472512511.